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Lovely to share stories from my childhood with my son
December 14, 2022


My son loved the hungry crow book. He keeps picking it out to read, turns pages and anticipates what happens next. And I love sharing with him a story that I grew up with. I definitely recommend this book.
The Hungry Crow
May 21, 2021


I absolutely loved the book. My niece and nephew enjoy their story time. They love the bright colors and pictures. I cannot wait for more books in the future.
Fun story!
May 4, 2021

Kerry & Dart

My 2 year old loves this book and follows the vada in the pictures! Fun lesson about ill-gotten gains!
The Hungry Crow
April 30, 2021


We LOVE this book! My daughter’s day start by reading this book. Illustrations are super cute. I’m happy that I’m able to share the stories with my daughter that I’ve heard in my childhood. Thank you Kabooki for reviving the old stories.
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