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Behind the scenes at Kabooki

Mom and baby

My inspiration, Swara

When I was growing up, I would ask my mom and grandmom to narrate a bedtime story.  I would get lost in those stories, my imagination would go wild making up kingdoms, girls and boys, and talking animals. 

After my daughter was born I started thinking of how I can pass on the stories that I had heard as a child to her.  After searching for such books, I realized that there were'nt any available in the US. I had been toying with the idea of self publishing my own line of books. The more I waited, the more I realized that there was a market out there for such books. This became my passion project and I started Kabooki LLC. 

I hope that you enjoy our products. I would love to hear about your childhood stories.

- Swetha Toleti, Founder
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